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About Linux Today

Linux Today is a resource for professionals interested in maintaining the highest level of awareness pertaining to Linux and the Open Source (TM) community news.

Linux Today's web content is published exclusively using Linux software -- Free Software and Open Source tools. Richard Stallman would like for us to remind everyone that without GNU tools Linux would be a lot farther behind or possibly non-existant, and that the web site (and all Linux-branded items) would be more properly named "GNU/Linux" Today.

Our newsletter content is generated with perl running on Linux, but recently was connected to's company-wide newsletter software, which is not Linux based (but should be -- at least that's our opinion, alas).

Detailed information about the organization behind Linux Today can be found in our Media Kit.

About Your Linux Today

Your Linux Today (YLT) was conceived of as a way for you, as a Linux Today reader, to have Linux Today deliver news content the way you want it. By allowing content "filtering", you could initially remove content from the Linux Today newswire, for example.

As of Linux Today, The Next Generation (LT-TNG), we have vastly improved the system and even more control is available to you as a member. Sign-up is free and only takes seconds.

Your Linux Today benefits are many. For example, Talkbacks can be presented to your liking. Talkbacks can appear in time order or thread order, and there is an option to show full talkback bodies or just the talkback subject and contributor.

Some of our readers are more interested in talkback content than the story itself. For these readers, the story display can come up with the talkback area first.

YLT members can control the news content displayed in the right-hand column of the Linux Today main newswire. Content selections include the most popular Linux news sites and application indexes.

As of Linux Today TNG, you can now order news so that certain topics appear first, and certain topics appear last -- everything else is in-between. If desired, low interest news content can be removed completely.

As a YLT member, you will find helpful content control links directing you to the portion of the user preferences menu that controls a particular area of Linux Today. In the case of the newswire itself, YLT shows you the news in a highlighted order, and breaks the actual news content with descriptive text that includes a link to the preferences section in control of that portion of displayed news topics.

Linux news continues to grow and at this moment, it's getting to the point where no one, not even our best editors, can keep up with everything. So if it is hard for someone who's job it is to know the news, imagine the trouble you're going to have as a reader and you will then understand why we're making Your Linux Today work harder for you.

By giving you this fine control and allowing selection of the content that pleases you and in the order that makes the most sense, we're doing all we can to help people like yourself -- Linux users, developers and newcomers alike -- keep abreast of the latest breaking news regarding Open Source and Free software technology.

Lastly, triggers are available to Linux Today account members. A Trigger allows you to have news content delivered as the news breaks, removing the chance that any important news item of interest will escape your attention. If it isn't new, then it's not news, and we're doing our best to see to it that you get it while it's "news". Get it? We here at Linux Today and hope you always get the news while it's news, and we're doing our best to provide you with the tools to do it.

Don't trudge through the news, don't be overwhelmed -- sign up today for your very own Linux Today account.

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Opinion (01.September.00): BSD and Mac OS X
Editorial (17.August.00): BSD gets political

Administration (04.August.00): Dead Architectures, Part Three: Preparing the Server
Reviews (04.August.00): Slackware Linux Is Alive and Kicking!

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    1. UPDATED: Richard Stallman -- Boycott Amazon! (By Richard Stallman) (66421 reads) (285 talkbacks)
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    Top News Editors:

    1. Marty Pitts posted 11942 stories
    2. John Wolley posted 6842 stories
    3. Dwight Johnson posted 5683 stories
    4. Dave Whitinger posted 4021 stories
    5. Michael Hall posted 2004 stories
    6. Kevin Reichard posted 574 stories
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