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LinuxWorld: Ask the Geek: Fight spam with procmail
(Mar 2, 2001, 00:17 UTC) (231 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"I use sendmail and a POP mail server on a Linux box. I am desperately looking for a way to filter incoming messages processed by sendmail based on their subject names and enclosure names. I would like to do this to filter spam and potentially dangerous viruses."

Alan Cox: Linux kernel 2.4.2-ac8
(Mar 1, 2001, 23:59 UTC) (582 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)

SECURITY: Security Portal: Ask Buffy - Strange Entries in Apache Log and Port Sniffers
(Mar 1, 2001, 23:56 UTC) (379 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"Lately I have seen some weird and funky entries in my Apache access_log and /var/log/messages."

ComputerWorld: Committee to vote on controversial data copying standard
(Mar 1, 2001, 23:40 UTC) (274 reads) (3 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"Paper ballots were sent out today to all 24 members of a technical committee that's working on a controversial standard for preventing the copying and unauthorized distribution of protected data stored on removable media devices."

Linux Gazette #64 March 2001 is Available
(Mar 1, 2001, 22:58 UTC) (567 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"Linux Gazette...Making Linux just a little more fun!"

E-Commerce Times: Bridge to Linux Island
(Mar 1, 2001, 22:48 UTC) (672 reads) (8 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"Linux advocates moan and groan about how there are so many Windows applications and drivers, which leads to so many Windows users, which leads to more applications and drivers, and so on in a circle that is very hard to break in to. But it can be done."

Enterprise Linux Today: CSM Systems, Ebusiness Developer, Launches Open Source Platform
(Mar 1, 2001, 22:37 UTC) (149 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"CSM Systems announced the official launch of its proprietary e-business software called Miraware."

Waldo Bastian: KDE 2.1.1 Release Plan
(Mar 1, 2001, 22:13 UTC) (1488 reads) (10 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"All dates given here are subject to revision, but we will try out best to stick to them if possible."

AllLinuxDevices: Visara Introduces Linux Thin Client Desktops
(Mar 1, 2001, 21:43 UTC) (538 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"The 1883 NCT and eTerm 450Plus Linux-based Terminal - Performance, Flexibility, and Broad Accessibility."

ComputerWorld: IBM looks to Linux to spur mainframe sales
(Mar 1, 2001, 21:30 UTC) (663 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"The computer maker is predicting that it will sell about 1.6 million mainframe MIPS during the course of this year....And the open-source Linux operating system will likely drive much of that new business."

Kernel Cousin Debian Hurd #82 by Paul Emsley and Zack Brown
(Mar 1, 2001, 21:11 UTC) (417 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
Highlights from the Debian-Hurd development mailing lists for the previous week.

LinuxPR: Mission Critical Linux Announces Frank Walsh As Principal
(Mar 1, 2001, 21:10 UTC) (197 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"Bringing business solutions to fortune 1000 corporations."

The Register: MS still owns desktop, but Linux gains at server end
(Mar 1, 2001, 21:02 UTC) (1940 reads) (8 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"What a week for Microsoft. The legal process starts to win the trial for the company, God's surgical earthquake strike on Bill Gates misses, and according to the IDC numbers just out the Windows world domination campaign is still going swimmingly - or is it?"

LinuxPR: Open Motif Now Supports Latest Linux 2.4 Kernel Distributions
(Mar 1, 2001, 20:53 UTC) (580 reads) (2 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"New release fixes bugs and provides support for latest from Red Hat and SuSE."

LinuxPR: New Perl book from Wrox Press
(Mar 1, 2001, 20:50 UTC) (237 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"Professional Perl Programming brings you the expertise of professional programmers, taking a problem solving approach to help you gain the knowledge you need."

SECURITY: Linux 2.4: Next Generation Kernel Security
(Mar 1, 2001, 20:47 UTC) (948 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by john)
"One of the most obvious and significant improvements in the 2.4 kernel is the packet filtering capabilities. However, there are a number of other improvements that make Linux one of the most secure operating systems available." Interviews the GStreamer Developers
(Mar 1, 2001, 20:27 UTC) (396 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"GStreamer is a real framework. This means that it can be used for a generic media player as well as serve as the core of large multimedia render farms."

Apache Today: Apache 1.3.19 Released
(Mar 1, 2001, 19:05 UTC) (890 reads) (1 talkbacks) (Posted by kreichard)
"The Apache Group is pleased to announce the release of the 1.3.19 version of the Apache HTTP server. This release is primarily a security fix release, addressing a problem which could lead to a directory listing being displayed in place of an error message. Also, it fixes some broken functionality present in the 1.3.17 release and various Win32 issues. Apache 1.3.19 is the best version of Apache currently available; everyone running 1.2.X servers or earlier are strongly urged to upgrade to 1.3, as there will not be any further 1.2.X releases. At present, the Win32 port of Apache is not as stable as the UNIX version."

LinuxPlanet: Distribution Watch Review: SuSE Linux 7.1 Personal/Professional
(Mar 1, 2001, 16:36 UTC) (3095 reads) (19 talkbacks) (Posted by mhall)
Looking for a distribution to sit that favorite Windows user in front of? One where you can leave the room knowing that they're working in a productive environment out of the box? Brian Proffitt says SuSE 7.1 is that distribution. It may not look much different from its predecessor, but the small touches are what count in making this a slick, usable distro.

NewsForge: The next Linux: A mobile version - from Transmeta
(Mar 1, 2001, 16:01 UTC) (1900 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by john)
"...the Transmeta version might not be exactly Alan Cox embodied in silicon as one satirical Web site suggested, or LinusTorvalds, the portable edition, either. But the Transmeta design may be as close as we've gotten to see what Torvalds thinks a stripped down version of the operating system ought to look like."

IEEE Spectrum: Little Linuxes; Embedded devices are Linux's next big win
(Mar 1, 2001, 15:45 UTC) (1099 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by john)
"Embedded Linux has already had a number of design wins. The most visible to date is the TiVo set-top box... "People are using [embedded Linux for applications] from weather monitoring to controlling vibration damping on the International Space Station," said Pitt. More prosaic applications exhibited at Linux World included vending machines, in-car MP3 music players, personal digital assistants, and Internet appliances."

InfoWorld: Microsoft tightens the vise on desktop OS market; Linux no longer a fad - IDC
(Mar 1, 2001, 15:04 UTC) (6181 reads) (73 talkbacks) (Posted by john)
"Critics and nonbelievers can no longer dismiss the Linux market as a fad," Gillen said. ... With 24 percent growth, Linux was the only other category of operating system to increase its shipments. ... Microsoft products and Linux products are continuing to squeeze other operating environments out of the market..."

O'Reilly Network: Tim O'Reilly: Shuttle Diplomacy Between Allchin and Stallman
(Mar 1, 2001, 14:18 UTC) (3265 reads) (41 talkbacks) (Posted by john)
"I really like what Richard has to say, and certainly have many reservations about some of Microsoft's business practices, but at the same time, I have been disappointed by how quick members of the free software and open source communities have been to assume the worst in Jim's remarks."

New York Times: Putting a New Soul in Your PC
(Mar 1, 2001, 13:56 UTC) (3383 reads) (10 talkbacks) (Posted by mhall)
"Could someone like me, without a computer science degree or past love affairs with a Radio Shack TRS-80, do anything with Linux ? like installing it on an old PC and getting it to do things I usually do on my I.B.M. ThinkPad or Mac G4 desktop-tower machine?"

Alan Cox: Linux kernel 2.4.2-ac7
(Mar 1, 2001, 07:32 UTC) (5600 reads) (5 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)

Apache Today: Apache still dominates, according to the February 2001 Netcraft Web Survey
(Mar 1, 2001, 07:29 UTC) (4777 reads) (17 talkbacks) (Posted by kreichard)
The Apache Web Server approaches a 60 percent market share, while both Microsoft IIS and Netscape-Enterprise slightly lose market share.

GNOME 1.4 Beta 2 is Out
(Mar 1, 2001, 07:29 UTC) (5817 reads) (79 talkbacks) (Posted by mhall)
"The GNOME 1.4 Release Team is proud to announce GNOME 1.4 Beta 2 "Hit Me Baby, One More Time."

LinuxWorld: Evolution's latest mutations
(Mar 1, 2001, 07:28 UTC) (6103 reads) (21 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"For Linux to take a prominent place on John Q. User's desktop, it needs a top-notch graphical email client. Evolution may be it."

Linux Weekly News for March 1, 2001
(Mar 1, 2001, 07:13 UTC) (1442 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
Leading items and editorials: Ogg Vorbis, the Xiph foundation, and a licensing change and Copyright law and business models.

osOpinion: Can Crusoes Attract Like Diamonds?
(Mar 1, 2001, 06:50 UTC) (1504 reads) (2 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"They are, adeptly, not going to compete with Intel on its own terms. Instead, Transmeta says that it is going to chip away at the very foundations of Intel's business model."

osOpinion: Understanding Fear of the Gnu
(Mar 1, 2001, 06:43 UTC) (2569 reads) (11 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"The threat to innovation must be seriously considered. If GNU-ware can be used effectively in place of applications that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, how can serious software companies hope to compete?"

ComputerWorld: HP to end OpenMail with next version
(Mar 1, 2001, 01:12 UTC) (3406 reads) (19 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"Hewlett-Packard Co. has confirmed that the next release of OpenMail, its corporate e-mail software, will be its last, leaving some customers in the lurch."

AllLinuxDevices: New line of uClinux based Embedded Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Boards Available
(Mar 1, 2001, 00:45 UTC) (952 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"Applications for the DAQStick include: Real Time Control, Data Logging, Acoustic Processing, Remote Telemetry and a host of others." A Brief History of Computer Hackerism (Excerpt Part One)
(Feb 28, 2001, 23:50 UTC) (2342 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"Now it came to pass that Microsoft had waxed great and mighty among the Microchip Corporations; mightier than any of the Mainframe Corporations before it, it had waxed. And Gates' heart was hardened, and he swore unto his Customers and their Engineers the words of this curse...."

Caldera Announces Q1 Results: SCO Acquisition Cited as Cause of Greater Losses than Q4
(Feb 28, 2001, 23:33 UTC) (855 reads) (1 talkbacks) (Posted by mhall)
"Caldera held a teleconference today to announce its quarterly financial results. According to the company, net losses for the quarter totalled less than this time last year, and were only higher than last quarter because of the expenses associated with its acquisition of SCO."

AllLinuxDevices: LynuxWorks' BlueCat Linux Now Available For Intel XScale Microarchitecture
(Feb 28, 2001, 22:50 UTC) (709 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"BlueCat to ship with Intel's XScale evaluation kit."

NewsForge: Opera for Linux: We wish them luck but...
(Feb 28, 2001, 21:38 UTC) (4666 reads) (27 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"I finally got around to a full day of playing with the (proprietary) Opera Browser 5.0 Linux beta. It's the fastest browser I've ever used in any operating system, but I'm not ready to spend $39 or look at annoying ads in return for using it."

CNET Linux catching up to Windows in server market
(Feb 28, 2001, 21:07 UTC) (5935 reads) (78 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"Although the figures show that Windows shipments increased 20 percent, Linux outpaced it with a 24 percent increase."

NewsForge: Linux 2.4 hardware support: Several improvements
(Feb 28, 2001, 21:00 UTC) (3101 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"Not only does Linux 2.4 have increased support for various devices, but it changes the way in which it handles many previous supported devices."

Linux Documentation Project Weekly News 2001-02-27
(Feb 28, 2001, 20:30 UTC) (1114 reads) (0 talkbacks) (Posted by marty)
"The Linux Documentation Project is developing free, high quality documentation for the GNU/Linux operating system. This includes the creation of HOWTOs and Guides, and collaboration with other documentation groups."

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Rant Mode Equals One: The Linux Reality Versus the Microsoft Dream
When Microsoft's Steve Ballmer said Linux was "crummy," Paul Ferris swallowed a Rant and smiled. When Jim Allchin decided to drape Microsoft in the flag and imply that open source software might be un-American, he had enough. "The GNU General Public License is no more anti-American than the United States Constitution. True, honest to God innovation is happening with Linux right now, and the party is open to everyone -- including Microsoft if they want to get in on it. It's a growing phenomena that is creating intellectual property and true new innovations," says Ferris.
(Feb 16, 2001)
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Joe Pranevich: Wonderful World of Linux 2.4
"Linux 2.4.0 was released without much fanfare on January 4th, 2001. Although it has often been criticized for tardiness, the Linux kernel adheres to the Open Source philosophy of releasing code when it is ready."
(Jan 5, 2001)
Linus Torvalds: And oh, btw..2.4.0 is out
"In a move unanimously hailed by the trade press and industry analysts as being a sure sign of incipient braindamage, Linus Torvalds (also known as the "father of Linux" or, more commonly, as "mush-for-brains") decided that enough is enough, and that things don't get better from having the same people test it over and over again. In short, 2.4.0 is out there."
(Jan 5, 2001)

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Enterprise Linux Today: In Context: Interview with Akopia's CEO on the Red Hat Acquisition
"Brett Pinegar, Akopia president and CEO, now general manager of Red Hat's newly formed e-business solutions division, talks about Red Hat's acquisition and plans to create an open source e-commerce powerhouse around Akopia."
(Feb 5, 2001)
Enterprise Linux Today: CollabNet Helps Investment Banking Software Go Open Source
"CollabNet is focusing on enabling an open source development model, for a fee, for companies that want to move a body of code into an open source development model. CollabNet's facilitation of the open source release of a major piece of software by a German investment bank is just the latest development in what may turn out to be a trend."
(Jan 30, 2001)
Enterprise Linux Today: Sun's Linux Strategy: Judge Deeds, Not Words - and Listen to IBM
"The first new products released by Cobalt since its acquisition by Sun are still running Linux, but that may not be the end of the story. IBM thinks Sun's actions have "let the Linux genie out of the bottle" and Sun won't be able to put it back in, or control it. And at least one IBM exec thinks that IBM's Linux strategy is starting to pay off."
(Jan 23, 2001)

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*Distribution Watch Review: SuSE Linux 7.1 Personal/Professional
*.comment: Can Microsoft Hurt Linux? In a Word, No.
*Infocrossing and S/390 Linux: An ASP's Story
*Lou's Views: Playing Hardball with Microsoft
*The StartX Files: Seeing Linux Without Sight

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Open Motif Now Supports Latest Linux 2.4 Kernel Distributions (Mar 1st)
Mission Critical Linux Announces Frank Walsh As Principal (Mar 1st)
New Perl book from Wrox Press (Mar 1st)
Maple Signal Processing announces new line of uClinux based Embedded Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Boards (Mar 1st)
LynuxWorks' BlueCat Linux Now Available For Intel XScale Microarchitecture (Feb 28th)
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in February 2001
Updating a BSD/OS system with mods
Boardwatch: Running Linux programs on FreeBSD
NetBSD now available for StrongARM-based PDAs
freebsdzine: Teaching with FreeBSD
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O'Reilly: Monitoring Unix Logins
Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2001 to include BSD

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Jikes 1.13 Released
Apache 1.3.19 Released
The February 2001 Netcraft Survey is Out: Apache Gains Market Share
PR: European XML DevCon 2001 featured enterprise XML education
BugTraq: Re: Advisory: Chili!Soft ASP Multiple Vulnerabilities

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